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my life has been crazy. i crashed my car last week. i rear-ended… - I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 25th, 2007|09:45 pm]
my life has been crazy.

i crashed my car last week. i rear-ended someone at a red light. it was stupid. so my car is pretty much destroyed and my mom won't let me buy a new one yet because she says i need to save my money. so i'm either getting her van or i won't have a car when i go to school next semester.

new paltz doesn't have anymore on-campus housing for girls left. so after stressing out about it for a while, today my mom and i went to look at a possible room in a 4-bedroom house and we ended up putting down a deposit. i really really like the house. it's brick and it's not very big but it's cute and modern and has a really pretty fireplace in the living room that's going to be boarded up before i move in but it's still nice to look at. i'm the first person to rent a room in the house. i'm pretty excited.

i need to get a job up there so that i can afford my food. and i eat a lot so i'll need to work a lot. lol.

oh i work at ramapo country day camp and i really loved it at first. but you know how it gets after a while. the kids are pretty cute though. most of them.

[User Picture]From: savemyday
2007-07-26 10:34 am (UTC)
omgosh, jess i know the feeling of rear ending someone... but the apartment sounds amazing. congratulations! =)
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